Our New Office Space (Post #2)

Continued from last post….

Next we knew we needed to shout our culture, personality and overall vibe from every wall around the office AND of course to capture the team’s “fun” energy. We began brainstorming quotes that spoke to us, to our culture and to the vibe we wanted to encourage now and in the future. (see photos below) We decided that labelling the breakout and conference rooms, one, two, three etcetera was “mildly” overdone and instead used songs from different eras of pop culture that referenced phones, and set up the graphics to illustrate these tunes. We now have “Call me maybe”, “867-5309 “, “Hotline Bling,” and just in case our mix of styles and eras wasn’t confusing enough, added, “Banana Phone.”; this way when you call group huddle we can say, meet me in Hotline Bling, and it actually seems normal, well normal for Voxter.


Did we mention we have an arcade? We decided early on in the reno planning that a room off to the side dedicated to video games, bean bag chairs and general fun, would be an essential part of our new space. The arcade really came together when a few of the members of our Success Hero team came in one weekend and hand painted a wall mural of our favorite cartoon. It doesn’t get much more custom and full of Voxter personality than the arcade.

IMG_6373 (1)

The final thing we added, and at the 11th hour I might add, was the detail to our classroom. We wanted a space that was open and spacious, inspirational and creative, and of course wanted to do as much of it on our own as we could.