Office Grand Opening Party

This past September the Voxter team decided to hold an official office opening party in order to celebrate the completion of our new space. We had been working in the space for many months but had finally added all the finishing touches and creative elements that made it our own and wanted to invite, friends, family, customers and the community to enjoy it with us.


We hired catering from Cocktails and Canapés and had some of the best appetizers we have ever tried. The team argued over which mind blowing canapé was the better, the Yorkshire puddings that taste like they came right out of the oven of an English grandmother or the cheesy mac and cheese boxes that took us back to our childhood, but with a refined twist, perhaps the prawn bites won the evening? Who knows, but I can tell you the food did not disappoint!

IMG_6466 (1)

We chatted, ate and drank custom cocktails with sprigs of rosemary. Then as the crowds gathered we decided it seemed like time to break out a Mario Kart Championship battle on our 20 foot flat screen displays. You haven’t played Mario Kart until you have experienced Waluigi in life size.