Summer BBQ 2017

In true Voxter fashion  we celebrated a few important milestones this quarter with a summer BBQ hosted by our Founder and CEO Dayton Turner. The team gathered at Dayton’s place for home made burgers, salad, corn on the cob and deserts baked by our office manager Sarah. Sarah brought lemon cake, berry covered cheese cake and of course a special surprise vodka shot called a Mad Dog, imported all the way from Scotland (like Sarah is). For anyone who is familiar with a Mad Dog shot its not an easy drinker, those that partook were sputtering and wheezing for a few minutes after until the tabasco burn subsided. Never a dull moment!

We held a Spike Ball tournament, had a jam session in the band room and watched as Dayton demo’d his new drone. Shout out to Danica who won our Flava Flav award for her achievements on our success hero team.

IMG_5974 (1)