Our hosted VoIP service uses dedicated voice circuits from your offices to our facilities. This ensures that there’s never an issue of bandwidth contention, and whenever troubles arise, we have full control and visibility over the path between us and you. This allows us to guarantee service availability and response times and gives you superior call quality.

What is a Dedicated Voice Circuit?

A dedicated voice circuit is an internet connection that carries only traffic to and from the Voxter hosted VoIP network to your office. Sure, you already have a connection to the public internet, but think about the heavy use it gets during the workday. Add voice to that connection, and you’re just asking for degraded quality, dropped calls, and jitter. A connection dedicated solely to voice gets rid of those problems.

But I Already Have Internet?

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We guarantee uptime and reliability. This means we respond to any issue or request immediately to stick to that guarantee. These dedicated voice circuits give us the visibility we need to find and fix any problem.

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Because it’s a dedicated circuit, no one’s using it to stream music all day or sync their latest 1,000 photos to the cloud. The quality of your voice calls is far superior to those that share a public internet connection.

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We control the firewalling, intrusion prevention system, and other security over the dedicated voice circuit to ensure nobody can capture your traffic.

VoIP phone system
Route Optimization

We take the dedicated circuits into account when engineering best-path routes between our carriers, our networks, and you.

Thoughts from FreshTap

“We were very impressed with the service and attention that was given to us from
initial consultation to installation, and the ongoing customer tech support… Voxter also
provided us with recommendations to our IT network build-out, which is outside their
scope of work – they went the extra mile to ensure our network was setup properly.”


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