Our New Office Space (Post #1)

Earlier this year we moved into our spiffy new office space. Last year we found our dream space in our dream location and began scheming on how to make it all possible (see the post on the office reno for more on that). In March, we officially set up shop in the area we’re in now.  When all the major renovations were complete and furniture was in place,  we began adding all the finishing touches to make the space perfect for us. First, we added our raw wood wall in the front lobby to give the space an earthy and elemental feel. We hired a rock star woodworker (who also happens to be family to our CFO) to design and install the wood detailing on the entry walls and around the office.


After realizing how amazing that looked, we decided more texture and earthy detail would be great as you walked out of the elevator. One Friday afternoon, our CEO opened a large box he had ordered online and pulled out ream upon ream of faux greenery that he proceeded to hang himself, armed with a foot stool and a drill. Multi-thousand dollar wall feature completed for an hour of creative thinking and a couple hundred in materials. Perfect!

IMG_5175 (1)

Is that a pay phone?!! Of course it is. Not quite old enough to be considered antique but rare enough that you recognize the novelty, we decided we had to have a traditional Vancouver payphone in our front entrance. In true Voxter form we programmed the phone to answer to requests entered into the tablet on the wall, it will play songs, ring on cue and generally do a lot more than those traditional paper weights that used to be scattered around our city.

When you arrive to our office you can announce your arrival by pressing a button on the “Welcome Tablet” and it will announce what you are here for to the team and give you some direction. Who needs a human greeter when technology will do?!

….Continued in next post.